Vacuum suction filter..
Our negative pressure filter service domestic high-end gear grinding machine..
Magnetic separator..
Main classification and function of cutting fluid..
Magnetic separator in cooling lubricant processing..
Tube type oil removal machine..
Drum filter..
Magnetic separation equipment is introduced..

      Yantai jinchang filteringIs equipment co., LTDSpecialized in cutting fluid filtration、Separation and post-processing equipment design and development、Production and sales。Companies rely on nearly10Years of industry experience of professional technical team,Professional for all kinds of production line design and manufacture of separation、Filtering、Chip removal、In addition to the oil、Shattered、Press block、Cutting fluid filtration system and chip removal system,And filter material and providing technical services。The company in the design、Accumulated rich experience in manufacturing non-standard equipment,Can according to customer's requirements,……In more detail


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