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    Tongling with special wire co., LTD was established2003Years4Month,Cover an area of an area30Mu,The construction area15000Square meters。The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan。The company is located in tongling, anhui provinceCity YiAn areaGolden bridge economic development zone,IsTongling city“Specialization is new”Enterprise,The main production electronic glass fiber cloth、Industrial cloth、Electrical wiring harness,Products are mainly matched with some large enterprises at home and abroad,And successfully used in electronics、Metallurgy、Iron and steel、Electrical appliances production enterprise。Wiring harness production capacity1000All set,Annual production of electronic glass fiber cloth2000Thousands of meters。In my company2014Years11By monthISO9001Quality management system certification,2016Received“Credit enterprise”“Keep the contract、Heavy credit”The title。2015Years、2018In two successive national high and new technology enterprise honorary certificate,The company has a patent for invention9Items,The practical patent14Items。2018Years7In anhui province equity hosting trading center of science and technology board listed four panels。NearlyOver the years,The companyIn the process of development,Constantly introduce scientific and technological personnel,To strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities,Efforts to improve enterprise core competitiveness,Ability to rapidly increase,Scale expands unceasingly。
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Tongling with special wire co., LTD

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