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Mianyang can flow,A powder equipment manufacturers is given priority to with research and development

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Mianyang can flow powder equipment co., LTD is located in sichuan province.Mianyang-Science and technology city of China,Long-term commitment to super fine crushing、Precise classification、Morphology control technology research and equipment development and manufacturing,Has a group of specialized is engaged in the related research experts and professors and experienced engineering and technical personnel。

Companies advocating independent innovation、The enterprise spirit of the pursuit of excellence,In pieces、Classification research in the field of technology and equipment have been walk at the forefront of powder industry。
Company to personalized design/For the purpose of solving industry problems,Successively for domestic and foreign users with the thousands of sets of superfine powder equipment,The original grinding classification technology has certain advantages in the field of application。
The company for the specific requirements of the user design and manufacture suitable、The economy of high quality pieces、High precision grading、Morphology control equipment, etc。

The company high level research and development team、Field experiments of industrialization base、Numerical simulation for the design of the software、Advanced test instruments and methods to create conditions to achieve the goal of this。

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We promote our ideas and equipment,For better service powder industry

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According to the needs of users to provide equipment selection,Responsible for the process design of the system,To provide users with equipment layout and building design consultation;
Arrange technical personnel on-site installation guide/Debugging,Responsible for staff training;
Establish a regular user review system and equipment management archives of running status,To provide users with a high level of diagnosis expert counselling and testing, Ensure that the user equipment and processing system is normal、Effective operation;
Of equipment to provide life-long free maintenance consulting services and technology upgrading,And at the cost price to provide parts for a long time;
Equipment warranty period of debugging qualified acceptance date12Months,Or the arrival of the goods as of the date of the meter18Months。