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In gansu province

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Everyone said

  • 丨 丨 cold eyes 丨 丨Satisfaction:

    Said one come away trip!Still have some uneasy before departure,Afraid of a girl it's not safe to go to qinghai province。Later found out that my fears were all for naught!Transporting conveniently,The best scenery in qinghai are on the road this sentence is good!Although it is winter,Far away…

  • Tea in summerSatisfaction:

    I appreciate this trip's master,Not only we understand the beauty of the northwest,People also is very good,Very careful,Also with a Lao ke,A lot of good,Make this trip very happy and satisfied,If there is next to qinghai province,Also looking for a teacher,…

  • Small***9Satisfaction:

    Go out to travel many times,The first charter travel choice,Because has always been like free line,Began to fear would be changed with the restrictions,Surprisingly good,Is really a big northwest travel very, very happy,Li bin driving teacher really special…

  • 18099***Satisfaction:

    Customer service is in place,Consulting the things share all clear,Also help to understand a lot of other things,Along the accommodation that will satisfy,The value!

  • Sugar pileSatisfaction:

    The driver teacher was nice,Serious and responsible,A look at is the car,Pick up the car。At this time of qinghai lake is a little cold,Fortunately, there are electric blanket。In the morning watching the sunrise,Sunrise when everyone is excited。Memorable one…

  • 18389***Satisfaction:

    A nice trip,Very impressive

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