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About us

    Sichuan province labor service co., LTD. Was established in by wing2013Years,At present, the company has employees50More than one,Office area is achieved200Square meters or so,Approved by the sichuan province and social security hall、Sichuan province administration for industry and commerce registration,Has the legal personality of professional institutions。Is relying on a mature service system、The size of the advanced management,Throughout the construction site subcontracting supplies and services、Construction workers safety knowledge popularization、Provide compensation undertakes to construction workers、Added benefits、Construction site technical worker,File management、Multiple fields such as handling compensation disputes,To provide a complete solution by wing。At present, the company has been in sichuan、Chongqing、Guizhou,Yunnan province、Shaanxi,In Tibet, and many other cities and areas outside the province Business and achieved good results。
    In order to make the service by wing、Management、Technology、Level to achieve synchronization with the market,Companies in sichuan university famous teacher cooperation for a long time,And hired dozens of the country、Labor laws、Management consulting、Development of training, etc、The professor、A lawyer、The researchers as a guest adviser of company…..  +more

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Service advantages

Perfect service network
With a strong service network by wing,In sichuan as the center,In the western region to set up branches or offices,Opening the comprehensive social security andSocial insurancePay the account,Stagnation point service;At the same time the major capital cities and municipalities directly under the central government in the country to establish cooperative partnership,Provide for the customer specifications、Quick one-stop service..

Quality of service
 Customer satisfaction review 
In order to objectively reflect the quality of our service and customer satisfaction level,Find the promotion product/The opportunity to service,Through the way of telephone visit questionnaire survey for customer inquiries,After summarize the result of the questionnaire、Analysis,Form the customer satisfaction report。 
Compensation and benefits

    Along with the enterprise competition,Unit is often mentioned pay work gradually rising up。Strong compensation data、Complex calculation formula、Executive compensation is confidential、Foreign currency conversion,And the return ticket from time to time……Are companies will pay work To the direct cause of professional institutions。“Her pay”Professional accounting personnel service department,Will help you get rid of the heavy work load

Undertakes to wages

    Our company offers a series of simple convenient wages、Pay undertakes to service。Reduce the transactional work,To improve and reduce the total wages,To optimize the financial statements,Write-downs on corporate income reduce the corporate tax cost。  (Applicable to the employee wages、Commission、Commission、Share out bonus、Temporary workers、Service fee、The payment attached、Generation of reimbursement of all kinds of costs、Generation of transceiver toward corporate earnings, and so on) 

Integration of outsourcing services

    My company“Jobs ”The characteristics of the service is based on customer requirements of a project or position,That's right The management of the whole process of the staff and service。 
    The contents include the employees、Training、On-the-job management、Leave management、Employee、Employees to the processing of all kinds of emergencies、Employee performance management, etc。In the true sense“My employees,You to use”The way,Fully meet customer demand elasticity of choose and employ persons

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Sichuan province labor service co., LTD by wing  Address:Chengdu into greater China building materials37Number1Building17Layer1706-1707Number 
Calling information:028-83288737  Contact phone number:130 5666 2502 183 8218 8927   The