• The company has a number of patents design and a number of international agencies certification qualification
  • DE fan type cover multiple industries,Have more than one successful cooperation case
  • Commitment to quality warranty for three years,Consulting us for details

Introduction to the enterprise

Guangdong ZhaoQingDe tong co., LTD

  Guangdong hundred long mechanical and electrical co., LTD is located in the economy、The traffic、Information developed Wan Jiang in dongguan area,Set design,Production,The sale in a body。Hk long fan mainly included:Centrifugal fan,Axial flow fan,Pipe fan,Smoke extraction fan,Industrial fan, etc,Purification and industrial cooling in the industry;Kitchen ventilation exhaust soot and other supporting has deep attainments。

  With high quality products and better service to the customers is our sacred mission,Bayi lung electromechanical sustainable development、Strong power of growing。