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   Founded fu kang grease co., LTD is the first batch of provincial key leading enterprise in hubei province,Rape industrialization strategic alliance enterprises in hubei province、Continuous8In national oil reserves processing enterprises,Grasp the organic canola oil and low erucic acid rapeseed oil production and processing of core technology。

   The company insists on passing on65Years long“The blessing culture”:Service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers,Create human life quality。Is a science and technology、Green、Environmental protection、Energy-saving of modern numerical control oil enterprises。

   The company is located in hubei province founded agricultural products processing zone with a total investment3.5One hundred million yuan,Covers an area of200m,Annual processing capacity20Ten thousand tons of double low rapeseed,With eight production lines(A CNC automatic cold pressing production lines、A CNC automatic refining production lines、Edible oil filling line three CNC automation,A numerical control automation leaching production line,CNC automatic food hectometer filling line two),Green energy center、Numerical control drying cluster,Organic double low rapeseed raw materials warehouse,Organic high protein food hectometer warehouse,Ten thousand tons of state-level reservoir irrigation area, etc,The entire numerical control information platform by the United States、Canada、Germany、South Korea and other countries of advanced equipment,Modernization degree reached domestic leading level。

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Originality The quality of choice F brand of rapeseed oil was how to squeeze out?
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Originality,The quality of choice。 “The blessing”Rapeseed oil,Green, organic,Security health。
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Primary crushing cooking oil

Founded by the double low rapeseed professional cooperatives network in the whole city12A town,12.3Thousands of farmers,Order double low rapeseed production area40Ten thousand acres,To achieve the double low rapeseed quality standards,Based on the highest price in the market,Price per kg0.6Yuan to buy,Make the base......

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  • “Hubei rapeseed oil”Means of development,Implement hubei grain and oil recovery action
    “Hubei rapeseed oil”Attempt to send... 2019-05
    The preface:Hubei is the country13One of the grain-producing provinces,The stability in total in510More than one hundred million jin,With rice and quality advantages such as low erucic acid rapeseed varieties。“Hubei grain and oil、The product of its taste...
  • Add this step when stir-fry rapeseed oil,Remove the peculiar smell food more fragrant
    With rapeseed oil when cooking it more... 2019-04
    hello everybod,Today the rapeseed oil after a chat with everybody rapeseed oil。When it comes to what would be most lack in the kitchen,You will think of for oil。That's right,No matter what we do need to put some oil,...
  • Fu kang for old with you,2019We are together“The blessing”吧!
    Fu kang for old with you,2... 2019-01
    2018Year just after Christmas,In our New Year's day,Time in our imperceptibly sad silently away,Do you still immersed in the past of regret,If you still in exclamation time flies,Or send again...
  • What problem should note rapeseed storage

    What problem should note rapeseed storage

      Rapeseed storage way will directly affect the yield efficiency,Which way will affect the seed quality,Today we will talk about。  Before storage,Should be fully cooled,In case of seeds in pile temperature too high,To happen“Dry”Phenomenon,...
  • What problem should note rapeseed storage
    Rapeseed storage should pay attention to what... 2019-09
      Rapeseed storage way will directly affect the yield efficiency,Which way will affect the seed quality,Today we will talk about。  Before storage,Should be fully cooled,In case of seeds in pile temperature too high,To happen“Dry...
  • Aroma rapeseed oil,Window“Sweet”
    Aroma rapeseed oil,Window“Sweet... 2019-09
    “Small pressing aroma”、“Pure sweet little squeeze”、“Sweet little squeeze”、“Small flavour extract”、“The original sweet little squeeze”、“Scent a small squeeze”,This is what the noun?Baidu encyclopedia may also explain clearly to you,Brief can actually...
  • Small rape great value
    Small rape great value 2019-09
    One of the small rape is our common leaf vegetables,Looks like Chinese cabbage,But the leaves are bright green,Scrambled up the smell of mushroom,So the south is also called the mushroom dishes,Also called Shanghai qing。This vegetable eat there are many benefits to human body...
  • Huanggang research group to zhuhai started the landmark is superior professional research
    Huanggang research group to our city... 2019-07
    7Month9Day,Huanggang“And stronger landmark is superior,Boost rural revitalization”Investigators to carried out special investigation in our city。Investigators from huanggang government research director CAI wei led,Huanggang government offices、Huanggang...
  • Rapeseed oil began to a large number of listed,Oil prices rose before fall this year!
    Rapeseed oil began to a large number of listed,... 2019-06
    Rapeseed is indispensable to our lives cooking oil,And an important oil crops in China,Is Chinese demand is one of the biggest varieties。As the weather gradually hot this year,Rape flowers have as much in our country...
  • Rapeseed oil of different extract method of difference
    Rapeseed oil of different extract method of difference 2019-04
    A kind of rapeseed oil is extracted from rapeseed cooking oil,Is one of the important edible oil, Rapeseed advocate Yangtze river basin and the southwest、Northwest, etc,Production is the highest in the world,Rapeseed production areas in China there are a lot of squeezing rapeseed oil...
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